At Foremost Plaster we're all about quality and prestige, creating value & providing a plastering

service that exceeds expectation.


High Quality Plastering

High Quality Plastering


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Make a Statement with Plaster

Make a Statement ....

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Residential & Commercial Plastering
Residential & Commercial Plastering

Respect & Honesty

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Plastering Consultants
Plastering Consultants

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Plastering Personalised Service
Plastering Personalised Service

Personalised Service

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Plaster Consultants Advice
Plaster Consultants Advice

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Recognised Plaster Services
Recognised Plaster Services

Professional & Efficient

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Professional Plastering Contractors
Professional Plastering Contractors


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On-Site Plastering Managers
On-Site Plastering Managers


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Free Plastering Service Quote

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Plaster Contractors
Plaster Contractors


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Foremost Plaster is continually pronounced

in the building industry and we are proud of our 

longstanding service of history.


Since 1990, Foremost Plaster has grown and evolved to become what it is today, recognised and renowned as "The Elite Group” for providing drywall, internal plastering services. We specialise in  residential, commercial and industrial, wall and ceiling fit-outs.


Foremost Plaster's unwavering proficiency, professionalism and quality workmanship continues to lead the plastering industry in excellence.





We work with a variety of clients including:



  • Architects and Engineers

  • Project & Facility Managers

  • Interior Designers

  • Business Owners

  • Property Developers

  • Builders

  • Home/Property Owners

  • Community Center's

  • Private and Corporate Developers 

  • Insurance Companies

  • Real Estate Agents


We cater for those who truly care about quality, workmanship and a high level of personal service in both the private, commercial and industrial sectors.  




"we work around your schedule...."


Our values and focus is to always satisfy and help guide our customers  with everything that we do:


·         Quality & Prestige

·         Reliable & Efficient

·         Respectful

·         Trustworthy

·         Compliant

·         Innovative

·         Organised & Tidy

·         Collaborating


Foremost Plaster is fully insured and complies with all industry requirements.


Plastering Contractor Plastering Works



Our philosophy of hard work, versatility and pursuit of excellence is paramount in all our activities, from point of contact to project completion.


OUR PLASTERERS - The Elite Group 

Our dedicated plasterers have the expertise, resources and practical solutions to get the  job done right from execution to completion.


"The Elite Group",  takes pride in setting us apart with their commitment to integrity, exceptional workmanship and reliabilty.  Our plasterers ensure a superior service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard.


Above all, our objective is to leave the site "cleaner than when we found it". Our plasterers are also mindful of their responsibility for the safety of others and themselves whilst performing plastering works.



Building trust, maintaining communication, offering support, 

and meeting time-frames all contribute to our outstanding

reputation in the industry and with our clients. 


At Foremost Plaster we recognise that we are in a service industry and need to co-ordinate with all types of diverse occupations: architects, builders, clients, subcontractors, inspectors, consultants. We at Foremost Plaster have a TEAM approach, and have experts who will collaborate far and wide to fulfil clients requests.


Our Craftsman Plasterers and Experienced Personnel - TEAM, specialise in all aspects of plastering from residential, commercial, architectural, heritage, to all repairs and maintenance,  from point of contact, professional management to quality execution and completion.


All our assignments are thoroughly supervised, we are fully insured and hold a Certificate of Insurance as provision for our clients and TEAM.


At Foremost Plaster we uphold relationships with our clients through honesty, integrity, and a complete understanding of the market place. 


We have developed the managerial and technical resources to carry out projects to meet the highest client expectation. We ensure to facilitate excellent productivity, enabling the company to carry out plastering projects to the highest quality, within the time constraints, yet offering clients value for money.


- Square Set

- P50 Shadowline

- Suspended Ceilings

- Plaster Reveals

-Ornamental Cornice & Roses

- Lasered Ceiling Battens

- Bulkheads & Light Coffers


  • - Dome & Skylight Features

  • - Archway Columns

  • - Decorative Straps & Corbels

  • - Repairs & Patching

  • - Custom Designs - Framed & Finished

  • - Recessed Pelmets

  • ​- Recessed Ceilings

  • - Ceiling & Wall Panels

  • - Level 5 Plastering

  • - Wall Battening

  • - Acoustic, Impact & Fire Rated Systems

  • - Curved Plaster Features

  • - Concealed Grid Ceilings

  • - Feature Wall & Ceiling Designs

  • - Coffered Ceilings

  • - Heritage & Ornate Mouldings

  • - Ceiling & Wall Maintenance & Repairs

  • - Plaster Glass

- Suspended Tile Grid Ceilings

- Ceiling Lighting Systems

- Metal Stud Partitions

- Access Panels

- Perforated Plasterboard

- Custom Corporate Designs to Walls & Ceilings (available upon request.)


- Acoustic, Impact & Fire Rated Systems

- Partition Walls

- Ripple Panels

- Timber Panels

- PVC Panels 

- Insulation

- Exposed Grid Ceilings




Our team at Foremost Plaster comprises of administration personnel, plastering experts, site managers, supervisors, and estimators.  


We have access to the combined expertise of Foremost Plasters professionals including: interior designers, builders, architects and acoustics specialists to offer a truly integrated way of working, resulting in high quality, effective and inspiring designs and seamless finishes.





HIA gives Foremost Plaster power through knowledge by keeping the business informed and up-to-date with the building industries ever-changing rules and regulations.


Health and safety is an important part of Foremost Plaster - both to obey the law and to keep our team safe. HIA helps us navigate the complex web of laws and regulations, and provide practical information that makes compliance easy.



The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) of Victoria aids Foremost Plaster by linking clients, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.


The AWCI also has technical experts from member companies that meet to discuss and provide input to building practices, legislation and technical standards affecting the industry.


The AWCI provides Foremost Plaster information and advice on changes to building practises, awards, legislation and technical standards affecting the plastering industry.



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