"A smooth integration between new and old is crucial"  ...........


Renovations and extentions involve the blending of new to existing plasterwork and a tradesman’s expertise and knowledge in this area is of paramount importance. A smooth integration between new and old works are crucial to the quality and long lasting finish of the plasterworks, without the headaches of cracking and problems down the track.


Foremost Plaster is well equipped for this type of work and we have no limitations in respects of the tools we carry, beyond our plastering requirements. Planners, saws, gas activated nailing guns, compressors, straightedges, levels & lasers, just to mention a few, make Foremost Plaster’s work effortless in achieving the desired flawless finish every time.


Our expert team have the skill, expertise, knowledge and precision to ensure your renovation or extension flows flawlessly into the existing sections without any deviation. 


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