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Patches, Repairs & Insurance Claims
Hassle free.   Quick.    Reliable.

Foremost Plaster has a no job too small policy. We are happy to repair the smallest of repairs. Every client matters to us, big or small.

​We can provide a quotation for your plastering repairs promptly and at a convenient time to suit you.

Understand our consistent quality and great customer service does not change for small projects. If a time is organised for works to be completed, rest assured we will be on site to fulfill our commitment to you.

​Get your repairs booked in today to receive a prompt service and great, seamless finishing look.

Our Elite Team of plasterers are trained to use only specialised products designed to leave every completed repair project with a seamless finish.


If a section cannot be repaired successfully, we replace the whole section with new plasterboard, ensuring a professional finish each and every time without any short cuts taken whatsoever.


Our 7 day, 24 hours, flexible plastering services will save customers money and time by enabling, businesses and premises owners to function during normal trading hours.  Plastering projects can be administered after hours and during the weekend if need be.


We not only complete the plaster works with the greatest of quality, but we also provide removal of all debris from the largest of jobs through a bin hire service, all incorporated within the price, leaving no disturbance for the premises owner or manager. 


During the plastering process, we supply floor and furniture protection.  We also carry all cleaning equipment - vacuums and mops, leaving every completed project neat and tidy at the end of project. For larger projects, we even organise a cleaning company for you, all within our quoted price. 


Foremost Plaster can deal with all types of repairs caused by Storm damage, hail,  water damage, water leakage, dampness, moisture retention, structural movement, wind vibrations, external construction vibrations, traffic, or even sound waves that travel through the walls.  


The common reasons for these types of repairs are vast and varied.  Possible triggers include poor roofing, tub overflows, leaking toilets, leaking showers, badly sealed windows, down pipes, blocked gutters, settling of premises, expansion or shrinking of the wood inside the ceiling and/or walls of the premises, foundations, kids/adults activities,  industrial and commercial machinery, workplace accidents, premises ageing and the motives are boundless and without end. 

Insurance Claims and Tenancy Damage


Foremost Plaster has completed many plastering repair projects for customers through Insurance and Real Estate Companies.


Most Insurance and Real Estate companies require upfront quotes and our clear and precise quoting processes can be completed for you promptly.  With your permission, we will deal with the Insurance and or Real Estate company direct, saving you the time and stress with paper shuffling.


We have knowledgeable Foremost Plaster staff that can communicate with applicable personnel and process relevant correspondence on your behalf.


Foremost Plaster will guarantee all parties involved by ensuring all projects are completed.......


"Reviving your Repairs to a Flawless Paint Ready Surface".


 book now call 1300 WE PLASTER 

Foremost Plaster’s quick, reliable, on-time, quality service has made us a preferred repairer. We complete repair works all over Melbourne, not only for numerous owners and builders, but also Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Insurance and Real Estate Companies.  


We'd love to hear from you

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I have been extemely impressed with Foremost Plasters professional approach.  They finished the job on time, all the tradesman were very polite and did a terrific job.  I must say, I cannot fault their work.

Julie Tyquin, Brighton

Fantastic company, extemely professional, excellent service, would highly recommend.

Jeff Condon, Research, Vic

Your work was of a very high standard. We thank you

Dr. Robert Steele, Richmond

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