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Custom Designs and Specialty Works

At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Foremost Plaster has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

Custom Designs & Specialty Works


Every customer is different, every home is unique.

We work with you to suit your personal taste and match the exact requirements of your projects needs.


We welcome customisation.........

Grow Your Vision

For over 25 years, Foremost Plaster has set about creating a unique range of customised, affordable, interior and exterior finishes. The result has been a spectacular gallery of designs which blend high quality design with premium quality materials in order to fit within any budget.


Do you want your home or commercial premises to be different or stand out from the rest?


Do you have a design in mind? We have ...........




Do you want your home, business or project to stand alone, with everyone in awe with what they see? Foremost Plaster can give you any look you desire.


Whether you have an idea or the idea is ours, it does not need to be limited to plasterboard only.  Modern themes have the integration of various materials used tastefully to achieve a striking look.  Alternative mediums of PVC Panels, Timber and Stone Cladding, Tile and Matrix looks,  Fibre Cement Finishes and much more, as can be seen in our gallery, may give you what you desire. This used with corporate branding in commercial environments looks a treat.


If you want your home or workplace to be different and stand out from the rest in quality and design, we can help you achieve the wow factor. Call us today and Foremost Plaster will promptly book in an appointment with you.


Our free assessment and quotation will provide you with an insight into the possibilities awaiting your home or commercial property.


Your new look is awaiting you.....

Architectural Plastering as Seen on Australia's Best Houses

Port Melbourne, Vic


Highly committed to surpassing expectations,

our dedicated team continues to

strive for excellence.................



Feature Ceilings & Walls are used to enrich and showcase areas within a given space.  Enhanced plaster feature applications can take many forms such as curved, slopes & angles, lighting coffers - raised or lowered, circular , elliptical or any custom shape or design.



Foremost Plaster has developed methods to enable audio systems, projectors, security systems along with lighting to be concealed and integrated seamlessly within the ceilings and walls.



"Having custom designed and installed many numerous feature ceilings and walls on many of our projects, Foremost Plaster has become one of the most prominent companies that specialise in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors."  Please see our CUSTOM DESIGN & SPECIALTY WORKS gallery.



Plaster Glass is a gypsum plaster, cast into smooth shiny sheets unlike our standard plasterboard.


Plaster Glass offers a unique polished, seamless and shiny finish.  


Plaster Glass is not widely known in the plaster industry as there is only a few select companies like Foremost Plaster, equiped with the skills and expertise to produce this specialised finish.




Radiation Room Barriers - Lead Lined Plaster Board used in many X-ray/Medical Rooms eliminating radiation transmission to outer room areas.

Decorative and Acoustic Panels



Water Resistant Materials are suitable for internal residential, commercial and industrial spaces that are exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms, laundries, showers and kitchens.


Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is a gypsum plasterboard with a core, face and back linerboards treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity.  It is encased with light blue linerboard and the long edges are recessed.


Villaboard is a premium sanded fibre cement sheet with recessed edges for flush jointing.  It is generally used when a more durable substrate is required.


Versilux is a flat fibre cement sheet with square edges.  It is sanded smooth and pre-sealed for moisture resistance.  The square edges enable endless aesthetic panelised appearances, commonly seen in swimming pool areas, hallways and high traffic areas.


Sound Rating Requirements are party wall sound barriers, resilient mounts (sound absorbing rubber) brackets, sound insulation, Studio/ music room sound barriers, Theatre/Cinema Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Rest Rooms and Rumpus/Play Rooms.


Resilient Mounts are used in conjunction with steel sections for acoustic walls and soundproof rooms where a high level of noise reduction is required.  Acoustic attenuation in wall construction is achieved by a combination of density or mass to block and reflect sound as well as insulation in cavities to absorb sound to minimise noise transfer through the wall.  Noise, particularly low frequencies can transfer through solid structures.  This means that sound can pass through the wall studs, floor and top plates into the next room.  

Resilient Mounts are furring channel fixing clips with a fastener that is isolated by acrylic pads.  These are affixed to the wall frame with furring channels attached and acoustic plasterboard is then mounted to the frame. This method dramatically reduces impact noise and structure borne noise with minimal increase in wall thickness.


Perforated Plasterboard has been designed for use on ceilings and walls where an increased level of sound attenuation is required.  As the name implies, the acoustic properties of the board absorbs sound to reduce echoes and reverberation.  The long edges of the panels are recessed for flush jointing to a smooth, continuous surface.  Perforated Plasterboard is made up of a gypsum plaster core that is wrapped in heavy-futy linerboard paper with bonded edges.  The board is often applied to commercial and industrial premises.


Fire Rated Plasterboard can be used in wall and ceiling systems where fire resistance is to be achieved and is also useful where improved acoustic performance is required.  The materials used to manufacture Fire Rated Plasterboard is composed of a specially processed glassfibre reinforced gypsum core encased in a heavy duty liner board.


The plasterboard is designed specifically for use in areas that require protection using a certified Fire Resistant level material.  The plasterboards are highly Fire-Rated to meet building regulations.  Fire Rating Requirements may be needed for Fire barriers to adjacent properties or equipment, between tenancies, Stairwells, lift shafts, plant rooms, public corridors and lobbies.

Party Wall installation in construction projects is very commonly used for Fire rating between residential, industrial or commercial tenancies.  


Shaft and Duct Lining Plasterboard is designed specifically for use in lift and elevater shafts in multi-level buildings.  The plasterboards are highly Fire-rated to meet building regulations for use in shafts.


Interhome Separating Walls Plasterboard is used between residential dwellings such as townhouses and apartments.  

The plasterboard walls meet fire and sound resistant building regulations, and incorporate a specialised metal component.


Cladding is extremely durable, and is suitable for Residential, Commercial and Public Applications.  Types of Cladding include Exotec, Scyon, Compressed Sheets, Timber and Stone.  All cladding materials are able to withstand exposure to water or temperature variation and can be used in a variety of aesthetic formations and matrix patterns. 

Cladding is functional internally or externally, and is applied to add a decorative appeal including a point of difference. Changes in the texture, color,  finishes or just plain aesthetics can give a customised feel to your project . There is a suitable cladding for every style of home whether it be Contemporary, Modern, Period or Heritage. 


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Acoustic Plasterboard has been designed to provide increased sound resistance in wall and ceiling systems.  It is composed of a high density gypsum core encased in a heavy duty linerboard.  Long edges are recessed to assist in producing a smooth, even and continuous surface once jointed.  

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